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Cover of Unlikely Match

Book: Unlikely Match

By Alexa Woods

Poppy is looking for love. And she knows that her Miss Right is out there somewhere. But how will she ever find her if she can’t even get past the first date? No one appreciates the quiet ones, and Poppy

Cover of Treasured

Book: Treasured

By Poppy Woods

They are vicious, cruel beasts who care only for gold and how much chaos they can cause. When a knight discovers an heirloom that belonged to Taryn’s mother, the king of Vanir finally has proof that the dragon responsible for…

Cover of Love and Chaos

Book: Love and Chaos

By Poppy Woods

Cris has spent her entire life in her Tribe. Safe from the pollution that still clings to more populated areas, they grow crops to sell in the Cities, they hunt for their meat, and they take care of their own….