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Cover of Unconditionally Hers

Book: Unconditionally Hers

By Alexa Woods and Sienna Harper

…instantly, but when a series of strange incidents endanger their ward, Michelle must turn to Lydia to catch the culprit. Soon, the volatile Michelle discovers that there’s more to the buttoned-up Lydia than meets the eye. Lydia’s sharp mind might…

Cover of Zero Ward

Book: Zero Ward

By Kim Pritekel

Danny had other ideas. As World War II heats up, she makes a decision that will change her life forever as she becomes a lie, serving with the Seabees in the Navy as Daniel Felts. Kate Adams is about to…

Cover of Hot Keys

Book: Hot Keys

By R.E. Ward

In 1920s New York City, it’s hard on the streets, but Betty May Dewitt and her best friend, Jack Norval, are determined to make their Tin Pan Alley dreams come true. Fate leads them to a speakeasy called the Trespass…

Cover of The Adventure of the Incognita Countess

Book: The Adventure of the Incognita Countess

By Cynthia Ward

Lucy Harker needs only see the secret plans of the Nautilus safely across the Atlantic. As German spies are largely a fantasy of newspapers, she anticipates no activities more strenuous than hiding her heritage as Dracula’s dhampir daughter. Then among…

Cover of Assassination Authorized

Book: Assassination Authorized

By Erin Ward | Narrated by Victoria Mei

For five years Special Agent Jericho Parker has hidden in the shadows watching psychiatrist Mecca Storm, keeping her safe, removing obstacles in her path and silently falling in love with her but Mecca doesn’t even know Jericho exists. Jane Doe…

Cover of Graveyard Sparrow

Book: Graveyard Sparrow

By Ennis Rook Bashe and Kayla Bashe

Katriona Sparrow, dubbed the Mad Heiress by most of London’s upper class, is the deceptively fragile ward of a foreign nobleman. She can’t stand making small talk with strangers, but she’s unparalleled when it comes to deciphering the dead. On…

Cover of A Very Public Eye

Book: A Very Public Eye

By Lori L Lake

Winter has set in, but young Eddie Bolton will never see another snowfall in Duluth, Minnesota. Someone has killed him in what should have been a secure juvenile detox ward at the Benton Dowling Center. Police Officer Leona “Leo” Reese…

Cover of And Playing the Role of Herself

Book: And Playing the Role of Herself

By K. E. Lane

Her sometimes-costar Robyn Ward is magnetic, glamorous, and devastatingly beautiful, the quintessential A-List celebrity on the fast-track to super-stardom. When the two meet on the set of 9th Precinct, Caid is instantly infatuated but settles for friendship, positive that Robyn…

Cover of Heliacle Rising

Book: Heliacle Rising

By C.C Davie | Narrated by Laura Horowitz

Raised to be a wife. Taught to be obedient. Expected to submit. Taken in as ward of Lord Drakon after her parents’ slaughter. Forced to navigate a new life, trying to become what is required of her in a world…

Cover of No More Pretending

Book: No More Pretending

By Bette Hawkins

…Lauren wonders what she would be like if her own life had followed a different script. Then she meets Harper Ward, a waitress at the local diner, whose natural beauty leaves her speechless. Harper mistakes Lauren’s reaction for being stuck…