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Cover of A Girl Named Harley

Book: A Girl Named Harley

By Rachael McCormack

A heart-warming novella to make you smile As well as being named after a motorcycle manufacturer, accident prone Harley Roberts is a professional house-sitter and author of steamy lesfic novels. When she is employed to look after a house for…

Cover of The Bird in the Bush Book 2

Book: The Bird in the Bush Book 2

By Rachael McCormack

It’s part two, and the gang are back for more fun! Helen is having doubts about ending things with Ali. Maybe she needs the advice of a good friend. But she’s in for a shock when she learns the truth…

Cover of The Upstream Fish

Book: The Upstream Fish

By Rachael McCormack

37 year old Alex isn’t interested in a relationship, she’s so done with getting involved with other women. And her way of communicating can be a bit confusing at times. When her best friend Suzie introduces her to the gorgeous…

Cover of The Bird in the Bush

Book: The Bird in the Bush

By Rachael McCormack

It’s 2022, and Covid 19 restrictions are about to end in the UK. It’s time for the gang to reunite. The first in a series about a group of thirty something friends, their lives loves and disasters. A lesfic novel…

Cover of The Bird in the Bush 3

Book: The Bird in the Bush Book 3

By Rachael McCormack

Part three brings lots of changes Helen and Ali come to terms with Dee’s revelation. And whilst Ali has relented on buying toys from a certain shop, she’s still looking for ways to spice up their love life. Who knew…

Cover of Moth to a flame

Book: Moth to a Flame

By Rachael McCormack

Cyan Wilson runs a ladies boutique with her best friend Shirley. Cyan is more angry than hurt when her girlfriend ditches her for a man. When a blast from her past reappears, she finds herself drawn to her old flame….

Cover of Top Bun

Book: Top Bun

By Rachael McCormack

When you own a patisserie and a rival opens another one right opposite your door, the rules are very simple. Ignore everything they do Keep your cool Do not fall in love with the rival owner Simple, right? Except that…

Cover of The Bird in the Bush

Book: The Bird in the Bush Book Four

By Rachael McCormack

With Helen and Ali’s upcoming wedding, Jules considers proposing to Baz. Baz, however has only one thing on her mind—her new project. With so much to organise and arrange, Jules is starting to feel a bit left out. Jess is…