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Author Interview: Rachael Sommers Chats about Never Say Never

Get ready to learn more about the book Never Say Never in this discussion with sapphic author Rachael Sommers. Join us for an exclusive peek behind the scenes as we quiz Rachael Sommers about Never Say Never, writing, reading, and…

Cover of Never Say Never

Book: Never Say Never

By Rachael Sommers | Narrated by Lori Prince

Ambitious corporate shark Camila Evans might have just lost her marriage but she decides she doesn’t need love to build a television empire and raise her young son alone. What she does need is a nanny, but the incompetent idiots…

Cover of Chemistry

Book: Chemistry

By Rachael Sommers | Narrated by Lori Prince

An opposites-attract, ice queen lesbian romance about finding the softest of hearts behind the highest walls. Newly minted high school teacher Lily Cross is young, bubbly, and can’t wait to put her fresh ideas into practice in the classroom. Her…

Cover of In Too Deep

Book: In Too Deep

By Rachael Sommers

Lucy Holloway is dying for an escape. The high-flying lawyer’s life has just spectacularly imploded so it’s time to hit the reset button and soak up some sun, sea, and relaxation at a swanky hotel across the Atlantic. Laid-back physical…

Cover of Fool for Love

Book: Fool for Love

By Rachael Sommers | Narrated by Sienna Frances

After her father’s death, property developer Chloe Roberts has only one goal: to renovate and sell the old family house as quickly as possible so she never has to return home ever again. The last thing she expects is to…

Cover of Love Next Door

Book: Love Next Door

By Rachael Sommers

Reserved tattoo artist Riley Foster has just moved apartments and can’t take her eyes off the single mom who lives next door. Riley is trying very hard not to succumb to the cliché of falling for the straight girl as…