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Spotlight on Rachel Ford!

…website developers to make adjustments in real time. As a way to show our appreciation for sponsoring the all-new I Heart SapphFic, we’re turning today’s spotlight on Rachel Ford. Award-winning author Rachel Ford is a software engineer by day, and…

Cover of Kepler-186f

Book: Kepler-186f

By Rachel Ford

The Genesis mission promised a new start on Kepler-186f. A new start for Captain Nikkole Johnson, and a new start for humanity. An elite soldier recruited to protect settlers on the new world, Johnson wakes from cryosleep to find that…

Cover of Underworld Elements

Book: Underworld Elements

By Rachel Ford

Not Space Station Frontera’s Marshal Kalandri, though. Crime is her business. And on Frontera, a port truly on the frontier of inhabited space? Well, job security is never a worry. When a station-wide power outage enables a brazen heist, Kalandri…

Cover of Lee Shores

Book: Lee Shores

By Rachel Ford | Narrated by Barbara Rich

Murder turns a quiet month of shore leave into a nightmare for Chief Engineer Kay Ellis and Captain Magdalene Landon of the Black Flag. When a member of their crew is implicated in the killing of a young woman, the…

Cover of Squire Derel

Book: Squire Derel

By Rachel Ford | Narrated by Lynne Ennis

Ana Derel was never meant to be a knight protector. She was never meant to be a squire. She was supposed to marry well, and raise sons who would become knight protectors. Ana had other plans. After years of hard…

Cover of Crimson Yuletide

Book: Crimson Yuletide

By Rachel Ford | Narrated by Lynne Ennis

Autumn gone off to sleep And winter her secrets no more keep Rises he from the deep Flesh to flay and flesh to eat An ancient evil prowls the quiet streets of Wixcombe. An old man is murdered in the…

Cover of Throw Me a Bone

Book: Throw Me a Bone

By Rachel Ford

I’m a magic-wielding Freak. My partner is a sentient skeleton. My fiancée is a broke lawyer. We’re Flint & Co Paranormal Investigations. And we’re going to change the world. Being a Freak cost me my job with the police department,…

Cover of Inquisitor's Bane

Book: Inquisitor's Bane

By Rachel Ford

Knight Protector Portia Daysen returns to the South, she’s a new woman, with new secrets. She means to continue the work of Black Wyvern, the secret order intent on rescuing elves and dragons from captivity and death. Meanwhile, Captain Valia…

Cover of Skull and Crossbones

Book: Skull and Crossbones

By Rachel Ford

I’m a magic-wielding Freak. My partner Flinty Jack is a sentient skeleton. But for all that, we’re not fireproof. When a vengeful serial killer nearly roasts us in our beds, the FBI whisks me, my fiancée, and my partner into…

Cover of Ashes to Ashes

Book: Ashes to Ashes

By Rachel Ford

A private eye and a vigilante priest face off to bring down a corrupt band of evildoers—by the book, or off the books. Her way, or his. Years ago, Aubrey Blake joined the police force to make a difference. She…