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Cover of Worth Waiting For

Book: Worth Waiting For

By Reba Bale

…find out that true love was worth waiting for – and their first love can also be their last. “Worth Waiting For” is a short story set in Reba Bale’s “Friends to Lovers” world. If you like steamy but sweet…

Cover of My Spring Fling

Book: My Spring Fling

By Reba Bale

Margo isn’t normally one for flings. Between being a single mother and running the marketing department at a large corporation, she’s too busy to breathe let alone take time for herself. But when her seven-year-old daughter goes to stay at…

Cover of The Divorcee's First Time

Book: The Divorcee's First Time

By Reba Bale

When Jennifer goes out with her best friend Susan to celebrate her divorce, she gets more than she bargained for. The dominant older woman gives Jennifer her first-time lesbian experience and changes things forever. Will it be a one-time thing,…

Cover of My BFF's Sister

Book: My BFF's Sister

By Reba Bale

Jewel is back from a long stint in the Peace Corps and ready to start her new life back in her hometown. She’s ready to come out to her family and live life without apology. A chance encounter with her…

Cover of Coming Out in Ten Dates

Book: Coming Out in Ten Dates

By Reba Bale

After eighteen years of marriage, Rebecca finally admits the truth: she likes women. Tired of living a lie, she divorces her befuddled husband and sets out to explore life as a newly single lesbian woman. Concerned that Rebecca will fall…

Cover of My Forbidden Love

Book: My Forbidden Love

By Reba Bale

Jolene never thought she’d fall for her sister’s ex-girlfriend, but when the new neighbor turns out to be the same woman who broke her sister’s heart years ago, she can’t help but feel drawn to her. As she spends time…

Cover of Jaded

Book: Jaded

By Reba Bale

Lauren has been initiating new submissives at the Surrender Club for many years, but lately it’s all become…boring. She’s jaded, ready to hang up her paddle and spend some time at home. Until she sees the new bartender… Kristina has…

Cover of My Rockstar Assistant

Book: My Rockstar Assistant

By Reba Bale

Rock superstar Lila never set out to be a lesbian icon. She’s adored by millions and plays to sold-out stadiums around the world, yet she longs for the quiet comfort of a wife and family. After a long string of…

Cover of My College Crush

Book: My College Crush

By Reba Bale

Miranda and Elizabeth were best friends throughout college. They shared everything: the same dorm room, the same group of friends, the same major. Until the night that their friendship became something more, and they shared their first lesbian experience. The…

Cover of My Fake Girlfriend

Book: My Fake Girlfriend

By Reba Bale

Toya is in a bind. Her little sister is getting married, and her mother is insisting she bring her girlfriend to the wedding. She’d told a little white lie to get her mom off her back, but now it’s backfiring….