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Cover of Aphrodite's Brush

Book: Aphrodite's Brush

By Reese Quinn

Can a horse bring two lost souls together? Sheltered by her parents while growing up, Miller is the epitome of a city girl. Her life changes drastically when her parents die in a car accident. In need of a guardian…

Cover of Venus's Power

Book: Venus's Power

By Reese Quinn

Shane has been looking for love in all the wrong places because the woman who makes her skin tingle lives just a few miles from her. Shane’s work allows her to visit many places, but it’s her love for horses…

Cover of A Will To Love

Book: A Will To Love

By Reese Quinn

A chance meeting with a younger woman sends Will’s life in a whole new direction. One that isn’t easy but life hasn’t been easy for her. Jess has the whole world ahead of her. After graduating top of her class,…

Cover of Miller's Run

Book: Miller's Run

By Reese Quinn

Amy’s life was over… until it began again with Sarah. Sixteen-year-old Amy discovers she’s pregnant in the winter of 1974. Before the fateful event, her life was plotted out for her. Become a lawyer and marry Joshua. All that ends…