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Cover of Decadence

Book: Decadence

By Ronica Black and Renee Roman, Piper Jordan

…an incredibly sexy woman she’s been talking to online, Emory agrees when Cadence all but begs her to attend Decadence. With one secret condition: Emory is the one who’s in control. Redemption by Renee Roman. Max Woodbury regrets how her…

Cover of Where the Lies Hide

Book: Where the Lies Hide

By Renee Roman

Finding missing persons is Cam’s specialty and she knows she can get the job done, even if she’s not too keen to delve into the system she blames for her abusive childhood. There’s no denying her attraction to the quietly…

Cover of Glass and Stone

Book: Glass and Stone

By Renee Roman

Jordan Spade doesn’t get involved. The last thing she wants is to be responsible for someone. When her father needed her the most she wasn’t there, and she never got a chance to express her regret. She’s channeled her guilt…

Cover of Escorted

Book: Escorted

By Renee Roman

Dani Brown has the kind of fantasies she can’t share with just anyone, let alone trust someone enough to make them come true. The Agency is a perfect solution—safe, secret, and best of all, no strings attached. As the CEO…

Desires Unleashed

Book: Desires Unleashed

By Renee Roman

No-nonsense operations manager Kell Murphy wants to let loose and have some fun. Moonlighting as a bartender provides just enough adventure with strangers who don’t expect anything more than a well-made cocktail. Business owner Taylor Simpson wants ultimate control. She…

Cover of Body Language

Book: Body Language

By Renee Roman

There are worse ways to keep a roof over her head. After her latest lover calls it quits for a better offer and shows her the door by telling her she’ll never do anything of importance with her life anyway,…

Cover of Searching for Someday

Book: Searching for Someday

By Renee Roman

But after being spectacularly dumped and losing out on professional opportunities because she doesn’t put herself out there, she definitely needs to make a change. Enter her new personal trainer, Maggie Flanders. Kind? Yes. Fun? Yes. Sexy? Oh God, yes….

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I Heart SapphFic Reading Challenge Week 44: 10 Books on Sale

…Murder / Crime / Serial Killer. 5 of those are on sale. There are some fab options in both sections, including several top names in lesfic such as Anna Stone, Renee Roman, Emily Banting, Max Ellendale, Ann Aptaker, Rachel Ford,…