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Cover of Moon Over Old Hollywood

Book: Moon Over Old Hollywood

By Renn Loraine

Nicole is shaken. Her ex-girlfriend has been found dead under mysterious circumstances. Now someone is trying to kill her – and she doesn’t know why. The clues lead Nicole to the set of a television series about the glamorous, women-loving…

Cover of Moon over St. Augustine

Book: Moon Over St. Augustine

By Renn Loraine

One night in a foggy St. Augustine cemetery, Meghan Thomas is startled by a beautiful woman who seems to have stepped out of Florida’s Spanish past. Stunned, but thinking the woman needs help, Meg follows her – only to discover…

Cover of Moon Over the Poconos

Book: Moon Over the Poconos

By Renn Loraine

Isle witnessed something someone didn’t want her to see. Now – scared and alone – she’s on the run for her life. Escaping into a snowstorm, she hides from the killer in an isolated cabin high in the Pocono Mountains….

Cover of Moon Over Cape Cod Bay

Book: Moon Over Cape Cod Bay

By Renn Loraine

Marion has been discovered in a locked room, covered in blood, next to the lifeless body of her father – a man she hated. She knows she’s in trouble. She knows what it looks like. And what’s worse, no one…