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All about Carving a New Shape

All About: Carving a New Shape by Rhiannon Grant

Carving a New Shape by Rhiannon Grant Released: Sep 04, 2023 Genre: Historical Romance Why this book and why now? When I was writing it last year it felt like the right time to return to the world in which…

Authors Getting Rec'd

TB Markinson's Getting Rec'd

…the personal connections between authors and books. This week, Rhiannon Grant, recommends a new find and explains why The Date is a must read. Rhiannon decided to read a book by TB Markinson after listening to her on the Lesbians…

Cover of Carving a New Shape

Book: Carving a New Shape

By Rhiannon Grant

Arriving in a new village on her first ever trading voyage, Laki immediately feels unsettled by some of the rude and bullying behaviour and the loss of her necklace – and attracted to Bokka, who is both helping and hindering….

Cover of Between Boat & Shore

Book: Between Boat & Shore

By Rhiannon Grant

“A great story including all the best elements: ancient Celts, murder, community, spirituality, easy integration of the spectrum of sexuality and gender, all wrapped up in a well-written style that captures the imagination and draws you in.” – A. L….