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All About: Double Exposure by Rien Gray

Double Exposure by Rien Gray Released: Sep 04, 2023 Genre: Romantic Suspense Why this book and why now? I had just finished the last book of my assassin series and was excited to dive into a new couple (but still…

Cover of Her Wolf in the Wild

Book: Her Wolf in the Wild

By Rien Gray

The Hounds of God MC live outside the law and protect their own. They only have three rules: (1) look out for each other (2) obey the club president (3) never show a human your werewolf form. Christiana Arjean needs…

Cover of Love Kills Twice

Book: Love Kills Twice

By Rien Gray

She needs an assassin. They’re the best in the business. Falling in love was never part of the deal. Desperate to escape her abusive husband, Justine hires a contract killer. Campbell’s services come at a high price, and their dark,…

Cover of Love Bleeds Deep

Book: Love Bleeds Deep

By Rien Gray

With her husband dead, Justine finds herself balancing newfound freedom and a blossoming relationship with Campbell. They steal her away to a slice of paradise in France, but it’s a working holiday, and their new contract is a heavy hitter….

Cover of Love Burns Bright

Book: Love Burns Bright

By Rien Gray

No one knows that better than Justine. Her freedom has cost two bodies and counting, but now that she’s back in the United States, the only thing she can think about is seeing her parents again. After an abusive marriage…

Cover of Double Exposure

Book: Double Exposure

By Rien Gray

Love always shows your true face. Jillian Rhodes lies to everyone she meets. As one of the world’s best art thieves, a life of infiltration and con artistry has left her flying solo, which is exactly the way she likes…

Amber Perez Selfie, Caturday, Book Deals, and Sapphic News

…and Lise Gold Lianyu Tan, Edie Marr, Nikki Markham, Riley Rose, & Jolie Dvorak Kimberly A. Todd & Sienna Eggler TC Parker, Frances Lucas, Alexi Venice, and Kim Harry Barbara Winkes, Rien Gray, Angela Greenman, and Claire Highton-Stevenson We wouldn’t…

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Spotlight on 4 Suspenseful Books!

…for our website developers to make adjustments in real time. As a way to show our appreciation for sponsoring the all-new I Heart SapphFic, we’re turning today’s spotlight on books by Barbara Winkes, Rien Gray, Angela Greenman, and Claire Highton-Stevenson….

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Andi's TOP 5 Sapphic Books of 2023

…Molly J. Bragg Been rereading this constantly. Such solid, relatable characters. 2. Double Exposure by Rien Gray Slick heist book at one of my favorite places – the Art Institute of Chicago. 3. The Iron Edge by Lexa Luthor Sapphic…

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Jan 2 Edition: Ice Queen, First Love, Erotic Romances, and More

…Ashton, Virginia Black, and Cari Hunter. Find out Jude’s top 5 books right here. Mary divulges their top reads that include authors Hiyodori, Nghi Vo, Skye Kilaen, Rien Gray, and Juniper Butterworth. Find Mary’s top 5 books right here. M….