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Cover of The Fall

Book: The Fall

By Robin Alexander | Narrated by Lisa Cordileone

…Noel’s niece, Harper, who is also captivated by one of the Chase women. Love becomes a complicated family affair. Robin Alexander’s latest romantic comedy has all the ingredients to warm you on the inside as you slip into the fall….

Cover of Patty's Potent Potion

Book: Patty's Potent Potion

By Robin Alexander | Narrated by Lori Prince

…She finds time has changed a lot, including Shawna. Ashton has done quite a bit of changing, too, and sees Shawna in a whole new light. Perhaps Patty’s potion was potent after all. In this romantic comedy, Robin Alexander has…

Cover of No One But You

Book: No One But You

By Catherine Maiorisi

Having been abandoned on her wedding day, bestselling novelist Lily Alexander is understandably cautious about dating again. Wealthy tech entrepreneur and notorious playgirl Robin DiLuca, on the other hand, loves to date. She just doesn’t do commitment. When beautiful blond…

Cover of The Trip

Book: The Trip

By Robin Alexander | Narrated by Abby Craden

Who wants to take a road trip with two old, bickering women and a complete stranger? Not Jill Savoy. She finds herself behind the wheel of her father’s sacred Winnebago anyway, responsible for her grandmother and adopted aunt, both of…

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