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Cover of Decadence

Book: Decadence

By Ronica Black and Renee Roman, Piper Jordan

Come for the entertainment and stay for the erotic indulgence. We guarantee it’ll be a party that lives up to its name. Passionate Pursuance by Ronica Black. Emory Bennet is overworked and overstressed. In Vegas to relax and meet Cadence,…

Cover or Watching Over Her

Book: Watching Over Her

By Ronica Black | Narrated by Keira Grace

All Riley Robinson wants is peace and serenity. She can’t wait to spend the winter at her new cabin in snowy, remote Northern Arizona. On the way Riley meets Zoe Mitchell, a secretive woman whose barely hidden vulnerability captures her…

Cover of Dark Euphoria

Book: Dark Euphoria

By Ronica Black

When a high profile case drops in her lap, she forges ahead only to discover this case, and her main suspect, isn’t like any other. Walking, talking sex. Avery Ashland has movie star looks and easy grace. She’s used to…

Cover of In Too Deep

Book: In Too Deep

By Ronica Black

Erin McKenzie, a newly promoted homicide detective, lands the assignment of her career when she is chosen to investigate Elizabeth Adams, the number one suspect in a slew of serial murders. Adams, elusive and devastatingly beautiful, is not only an…

Cover of Wild Abandon

Book: Wild Abandon

By Ronica Black

Chandler is a clinical psychologist who focuses on sexual dysfunction, but her professional expertise has never made her personal life any easier. She spends more and more time searching for the ultimate connection, and when she fails, she escapes on…

Cover of Hearts Aflame

Book: Hearts Aflame

By Ronica Black

Real estate guru Krista Wyler is soon at the mercy of the Arizona desert when she learns she has inherited her family’s business, Wyler Ranch. Her aunt is dying and her uncle is no longer capable of making decisions. Krista…

Cover of Deeper

Book: Deeper

By Ronica Black

Former homicide detective Erin McKenzie couldn’t be any happier with her new life and her fiancée Elizabeth Adams—until the not so distant past comes knocking at the door. Erin’s former colleague Detective Patricia Henderson—a woman both she and Liz have…

Cover of The Seeker

Book: The Seeker

By Ronica Black

Famed Hollywood actress Veronica Ryan arrives at a red carpet event with her wife Shawn. They are the world’s most famous gay couple—beautiful, wealthy, and by all appearances, the happiest couple in the world. But things aren’t always as they…

Cover of The Midnight Room

Book: The Midnight Room

By Ronica Black

Lillian Gray thinks she’s got it all under control. Work, sobriety, church visits, and aching over her ex take up most of her time. But her long-time friends insist on seeing her and continuously invite her to the local lesbian…

Cover of Wholehearted

Book: Wholehearted

By Ronica Black | Narrated by Elizabeth Garrett

Madison Clark hasn’t had much trouble in allowing teens to help care for her recovering horses. But then in walks Jake, a know-it-all thirteen-year-old with a smart mouth and a strong penchant for trouble. What’s worse is what’s behind him—his…