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Cover of Rooting for You

Book: Rooting for You

By Roz Alexander

Botanist Fisch’s life in Clover Hill is small. Getting physical distance from her tense relationship with her mother was supposed to give her room to breathe. Instead, she’s created a new cage for herself, spending most of her time isolated…

Cover of Matzo Match

Book: Matzo Match

By Roz Alexander

After a brutal break-up, Sam is ready for a lot of things: spring, hosting on her own again, a casual fling or two. Sam is definitely not ready for anything real, but her best friend Virginia has decided she’s taken…

Cover of Higher

Book: Higher

By Roz Alexander

Where do dreams go to wait? Tali Blue is definitely going back to finish her last semester of rabbinical school…eventually. When she moved back to her hometown seven years ago to help her grandparents raise her younger sisters, she planned…

Cover of A Masc for Purim

Book: A Masc for Purim

By Roz Alexander

Every year, tomboy-femme Liza plans the perfect party for Purim, and every year she goes alone. She’s convinced her role as holiday host is enough to find happiness, but lately, the nights have gotten lonelier. Carrie, a.k.a. Liza’s first love,…

Cover of Light My Candles

Book: Light My Candles

By Roz Alexander

Lauren and Shira, now both in their twenties, haven’t seen each other since summer camp when Lauren constantly had salad in her braces and Shira hadn’t grown into her limbs yet. Now, the mutual need for a roommate brings them…

Cover of Bring Me Home

Book: Bring Me Home

By Roz Alexander

Val’s heart might finally be healed enough to get back out there, but her confidence is still in the gutter. So, like every good lesbian before her, she cries it all out to her friendly neighborhood bartender. It’s just her…