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Cover of Carmilla and Laura

Book: Carmilla and Laura

By S D Simper | Narrated by Lois Ridge

A chance accident brings a new companion, however – the eccentric and beautiful Carmilla. With charm unparalleled and habits as mysterious as her history, Carmilla’s allure is undeniable, drawing Laura closer with every affectionate touch and word. Attraction blossoms into…

Cover of The Fate of Stars

Book: The Fate of Stars

By SD Simper | Narrated by Lois Ridge

…But when Dauriel’s kingdom comes to the cusp of war, could their uneasy alliance be the key to defeating a common foe? Or will their growing feelings for each other lead them to ruin? From the world of FALLEN GODS…

Cover of The Sting of Victory

Book: The Sting of Victory

By S D Simper

…whose claws grip her heart. Publisher’s Note: The Sting of Victory is a fantasy horror novel intended for adult audiences and contains content warnings, including depictions of DV. Please see the author’s website for a full list of content warnings….

Cover of Heart of Silver Flame

Book: Heart of Silver Flame

By SD Simper | Narrated by Lois Ridge

Six months have passed, and Tallora’s nightmares are haunted by memories of Solvira and the woman she loves—Empress Dauriel Solviraes, seated on a throne a thousand miles away. But war waits on the horizon, and when rumors of her kingdom’s…

Cover of Death's Abyss

Book: Death's Abyss

By SD Simper | Narrated by Lois Ridge

Tallora’s world ends in a single, bloodstained night, and all the world will fall in line unless the gods interfere. But divine aid comes at a price no mortal can pay, except in death . . . and perhaps Death…

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S.D. Simper's Getting Rec'd

Author Lianyu Tan recommends Carmilla and Laura by S.D. Simper Welcome to Authors Getting Rec’d! Each week, we’ll bring you a new sapphic book recommendation from a favorite sapphic author. Find out what authors are reading and why, plus read…