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Writerly Wednesdays: I Heart SapphFic 2023 Reading Challenge Schedule

…L. Coffman The Golden Trinity by Robyn Nyx Silver Beasts by Emma Sterner-Radley The Lie That Binds by S.E. Chandler The Judgment of Valene by Darby Harn The Sovereign of Psiere by K. Aten Zamira Saliev by Valden Bush Time’s…

Authors Getting Rec'd

Cara Malone's Getting Rec'd

…about the personal connections between authors and books. This week, S.E. Chandler explains why Rules of Love is a must read. S.E. Chandler knows Cara Malone casually through a shared Slack channel, but chose this book primarily because Cara is…

Cover of Lesbians on the Loose

Book: Lesbians on the Loose

By Lori L. Lake and Jessie Chandler

…Jen Wright, Sue Hardesty, Jessie Chandler, J.M. Redmann, and Katherine V. Forrest Stories by: Elizabeth Sims, Carsen Taite, SY Thompson, Andi Marquette, Linda M. Vogt, VK Powell, Kate McLachlan, Lori L. Lake, Lynn Ames, Sandra de Helen, Jen Wright, Sue…

Cover of Free To Love

Book: Free To Love

By Annette Mori and Ali Spooner

Two interconnecting stories filled with passion, angst and love with a background of the tropics and Pirates. The Chandler’s Daughter by Ali Spooner Captain Hillary Blythe loves sailing the Atlantic Coast on her journeys to deliver goods. Appalled by the…

Cover of Straight Girls Wanna Have Fun

Book: Straight Girls Wanna Have Fun

By S. E. Chandler

Don’t look now, but Jackie’s high school tormentor crashes her bar scene and crushes her chances with a busty brunette to try to make nice. After some serious groveling from Ann–formerly Annie fucking Banks, Jackie agrees to hear out her…

Cover of Straight Girls I've Loved Before

Book: Straight Girls I've Loved Before

By S. E. Chandler

Perpetual player, Frankie, is dumped by her latest straight girlfriend for her serial philandering. But this time, Frankie knows her girl is worth fighting for. She vows to change her wandering ways to win her back. In her soul-searching, she…

Cover of Rise & Converge Complete Series

Book: Rise & Converge Complete Series

By S.E. Chandler

A raw, romantic suspense thriller, Rise & Converge Series is a first-crush kiss chased by a punch in the mouth. In THE LIE THAT BINDS, BOOK 1, Ehra Havel is pretending to live like the elitist Omeo class that is…

Cover of Rise & Converge

Book: Rise & Converge

By S.E. Chandler

A double-wide dose of action and misadventure, Rise & Converge follows Ehra’s transition into Jett as she starts a new life in the nation’s capital, Cleveland. Her subversive policy proposal gets all the wrong attention as it threatens to upend…

Cover of Enter the Upperground

Book: Enter the Upperground

By S.E. Chandler

Edgy romantic suspense thriller, Enter the Upperground continues where The Lie That Binds leaves off. Ehra stumbles on a secret society of unmatched people passing as Omeo, even as her second-class status stymies her every turn. With her constant questions,…

Cover of Calling Her Home

Book: Calling Her Home

By S.E. Chandler

Vann Townsend is complacent with her perfect life in LA until it’s upended when her wife vanishes. While looking for her, Vann finds her brother-in-law all too familiar and too comforting. When life throws Vann another gut punch in the…