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Cover of Double Crossed

Book: Double Crossed

By Ali Vali | Narrated by Paige McKinney

…sees Brinley’s son in the car with her. Even hard-hearted Reed can’t kill a mother in front of her child. Before Reed can come up with a plan to finish the job, she’s double-crossed. It’ll take all her street smarts…

Cover of Three Reasons to Say Yes

Book: Three Reasons to Say Yes

By Jaime Clevenger | Narrated by Abby Craden

…But those vacation goals change the moment she meets Reed Baxter. Reed is a busy doctor with family demands. She’s in Hawaii to let go, not find love, and she’s not interested in any commitment. Adding a little heat to…

Cover of Please Lie to Me

Book: Please Lie to Me

By Erin Wade | Narrated by Melody Alice

Set in Sante Fe, NM this romantic thriller is about Niccola Amato, a classical violinist who crosses over into the popular music genre and is everyone’s darling. Add Reed Redman a gorgeous computer genius who owns Redman Cyber Securities and…

Cover of All the Worlds Between Us

Book: All the Worlds Between Us

By Morgan Lee Miller | Narrated by Lula Larkin

…popular kids, and then Kennedy Reed suddenly squeezes herself back into Quinn’s life. The girl who was her best friend. The girl who gave Quinn her first kiss. The girl who hasn’t spoken to her since. Soon, Quinn finds herself…

Cover of The Illustrious Client

Book: The Illustrious Client

By Sandra de Helen | Narrated by Jess Reed

Book Two of the Shirley Combs and Dr. Mary Watson series, THE ILLUSTRIOUS CLIENT, shows us the private investigator and her sidekick sharing an office, and introduces their receptionist, Lix. They are hired to influence a young international pop star,…

Cover of The Hounding

Book: The Hounding

By Sandra de Helen | Narrated by Jess Reed

Tall, thin, androgynous Shirley Combs considers herself the world’s greatest living detective because she uses the methods and casebook of Sherlock Holmes to solve crimes of the gentry of the American city most closely resembling London, England — in terms…

Cover of Breaking Legacies

Book: Breaking Legacies

By Zoe Reed

But when a lifelong friend with connections recommends her to the king to track down a runaway princess, her life gets turned upside down. Finding the princess is easy. Deciding what to do in a conflicting mess of politics and…

Cover of Old Palmetto Drive

Book: Old Palmetto Drive

By S.E. Reed

“I don’t care! I am NOT moving to Florida.” Parent’s nasty divorce – Check Dead relatives – Check Moving 1,800 miles to the middle of nowhere – Check, Check, Check Teen socialite Rian Callusa knows her privileged New York life…

Cover of In The Event of Love

Book: In The Event of Love

By Courtney Kae | Narrated by Melissa Moran

…of Fern Falls is built of one heartbreak on top of another . . . Take her one-time best friend turned crush, Rachel Reed. The memory of their perfect, doomed first kiss is still fresh as new-fallen snow. Way fresher…

Cover of All the Paths to You

Book: All the Paths to You

By Morgan Lee Miller | Narrated by Lula Larkin

Just days away from competing in the Tokyo Games, Quinn runs into her childhood best friend and high school sweetheart, Kennedy Reed. Five years earlier, they’d made a pact that they would try again if their paths ever crossed, and…