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Author Interview: S.J. Lee Chats about Of Friction

Get ready to learn more about the book Of Friction in this discussion with sapphic author S.J. Lee. Join us for an exclusive peek behind the scenes as we quiz S.J. Lee about Of Friction, writing, reading, and more. This…

Cover of Of Friction

Book: Of Friction

By S.J. Lee | Narrated by Savannah Gilmore

…from spiraling into a catastrophic future? Of Friction is the fast-paced first book in the Altered Earth dystopian military speculative fiction series. If you like strong women, tense action, and slow-burn LGBTQ+ romance, then you’ll love S.J. Lee’s gripping tale….

Cover of Sliced Ice

Book: Sliced Ice

By Lee Winter | Narrated by Angela Dawe

Find out what happened after Lee’s stories ended, and in one case, before it began. Iconic characters revisited include Elena Bartell (The Brutal Truth), Elizabeth Thornton (Breaking Character), Monique Carson (Hotel Queens), Natalya Tsvetnenko (Requiem for Immortals), Catherine Ayers (The…

Cover of Under Devil's Snare

Book: Under Devil's Snare

By SY Thompson

Jamison Kessler and Lee Grayson are back in book two of the “Under” Series. Set one year after Under the Midnight Cloak, their adversary is very human. Someone has a fixation on Lee that manifests itself in a series of…

Cover of The Lonely Hearts Rescue

Book: The Lonely Hearts Rescue

By Morgan Lee Miller and Missouri Vaun, Nell Stark

Something About You by Morgan Lee Miller. After rescuing a cat stranded in the hurricane, animal control officer Reese Shepard is adamant about finding shy, timid Apollo the best forever home. When she discovers Apollo giving cheek rubs to Hannah…

Cover of The Awkward Truth

Book: The Awkward Truth

By Lee Winter | Narrated by Angela Dawe

…and her life’s dream to fulfil. Even if a distraction might be exactly what she needs. The Awkward Truth takes place during the last half of Lee Winter’s The Brutal Truth but can easily be read as a standalone story….

Cover of Sweet Creek

Book: Sweet Creek

By Lee Lynch

…over lesbian hippies, now in their 50’s, Donny and Chick run the vegetarian Natural Woman Foods store. In Donny, a black lesbian and Chick, her lover, Lee Lynch continues to depict the struggles of working class butch lesbians and femmes….

Cover of Pomegranate

Book: Pomegranate

By Helen Elaine Lee | Narrated by Machelle Williams, Janina Edwards

…America: a story of loss, healing, redemption, and strength. In lyrical and precise prose, Helen Elaine Lee paints a humane and unflinching portrait of the devastating effects of incarceration and addiction, and of one woman’s determination to tell her story….

Cover or Stalk Her Much

Book: Stalk Her Much

By Aunt Georgia Lee

…the mighty big black wolf! Does that sound like a room you’d like to visit, or a story you’d like to read? Then don’t fret, just enjoy Stalk Her, Much? by Aunt Georgia Lee, and your wishes will come true….

Cover of The Social Circle

Book: The Social Circle

By Aunt Georgia Lee

…begin a journey toward a new life and love they never expected. Care to visit this quaint little town again in Book 2? Then hop on board; your next stop is The Social Circle by Aunt Georgia Lee! Happy Feasting!…