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Cover of The Price of Payback

Book: The Price of Payback

By S. W. Andersen

…finally break her? S.W. Andersen delivers another action-packed romance in the thrilling sequel to “Somewhere Between Love and Justice.” This is S.W. Andersen’s second novel. Her first earned such praise as “A Riveting Read”, “Keeps You Wanting More” and “UNPUTDOWNABLE.”…

Cover of Love By Design

Book: Love By Design

By S.W. Andersen | Narrated by Gabra Zackman, Alexandra Shawnee

…the big engagement party, sparks fly, leaving both Cassie and Peyton to question everything they thought they already had. S.W. Andersen’s modern day romance takes you on a journey of self-discovery for two women who thought they had it all….

Cover of The Sarah Sawyer Series

Book: The Sarah Sawyer Series

By S.W. Andersen

…losing herself to the darkness she’d fought so hard to escape. Can she pull herself back from the depths or will the harsh world of the old west finally break her? S.W. Andersen delivers another action-packed romance in the thrilling…

Cover of A Call To Justice

Book: A Call To Justice

By S.W. Andersen

Gunslinger Sarah Sawyer has overcome her demons, vengeance-seeking relatives, and a loner streak as wide as the horizon to settle down out west with her partner, Jo. But peace seems too much to ask for with the influx of new…

Cover of Switchback

Book: Switchback

By S.W. Andersen | Narrated by Nicol Zanzarella

Sierra Cody is on fire. A rising star in women’s professional downhill mountain bike racing, she has all the tools to become a world champion. All she needs to do is fully commit herself. Something far easier said than done….

Cover of This Time

Book: This Time

By S.W. Andersen

Neuropsychologist Dr. Contessa “Tess” Kenner isn’t one of them. She can explain in detail how lust and desire cause the limbic system to battle the prefrontal cortex over ethical decision making, but ask her about her aversion to relationships and…

Cover of The Love Doctor

Book: The Love Doctor

By S.W. Andersen

Sofia Delacruz is her name and love is her game. Despite the tragic end to her own story, she hasn’t given up on happily ever after. At least, not when it comes to other people. With her best friend, Reyna,…

Cover of Somewhere Between Love and Justice

Book: Somewhere Between Love and Justice

By S.W. Andersen

Sarah Sawyer has spent the last ten years reliving a nightmare. Stripped of her innocence at the tender age of thirteen, she’s grown into a woman with nothing to lose and one thing on her mind. Justice. With her horse,…

Cover of Detour to Love

Book: Detour to Love

By Amanda Radley | Narrated by Amy Putt

…stranger on a plane. Artist Lily Andersen is excited to finally meet her online crush, the only person in the world who truly gets her. She just needs to survive the eleven-hour flight from London to Japan with a testy…

Cover of Everybody Needs a Hero

Book: Everybody Needs a Hero

By KC Luck | Narrated by Tessa Stavers

…leaving one last box to check—to tell the woman she knew in college, Ashley Landish, that she loves her. Award-winning author Drew Andersen’s mission in life is to spread the message of her novel to the world by having it…