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Cover of Witchbound

Book: Witchbound

By Sable Cross

A forbidden book… A forbidden spell… A forbidden love… Strawberry has always struggled for recognition, among her magical superiors, hindered by her unconventional talents and her family’s disgraced legacy. Seeking the opportunity to prove herself, she takes an ancient and…

Cover of Witchbound Book Two

Book: Witchbound: Book Two

By Sable Cross

A vampire betrayed… A witch banished… A world on the brink… Cast out and alone, Strawberry’s exile has left her yearning for the icy embrace of the enigmatic vampire queen Eris, instead seeking solace in her unwavering dedication to her…

Cover of Witchtryst

Book: Witchtryst

By Sable Cross

A severed wing… A forbidden alliance… A perilous romance… Nyx Thornfield, a deadly and captivating vampire, is tasked with unraveling the mystery behind the brutal attacks on supernatural Beings. When a severed angel wing is discovered, she joins forces with…

Cover of Witchtryst Book Two

Book: Witchtryst: Book Two

By Sable Cross

A dire choice… A desperate quest… A love in torment… Nyx Thornfield, a resolute vampire, finds herself in a desperate battle to save her dearly loved witch, October Jones, from an affliction caused by The Evil. When conventional methods fail,…