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Spotlight on Sabrina Blaum!

…website developers to make adjustments in real time. As a way to show our appreciation for sponsoring the all-new I Heart SapphFic, we’re turning today’s spotlight on Sabrina Blaum! Sabrina Blaum hails originally from Germany and moved to the United…

All About The Deal

All About: The Deal by Sabrina Blaum

The Deal by Sabrina Blaum Released: October 19, 2022 Genre: Contemporary Romance Why this book and why now? When I wrote The Chase, I had no plans for a series, but I really liked Seren’s best friend E, who we…

Writerly Wednesdays: I Heart SapphFic 2023 Reading Challenge Schedule

…Winters An Island For Two by Ophelia Silk Hidden Truths by Jae Ready, Set, Bake by Sienna Waters Fitting In by Amanda Radley Sour Grapes by Eliza Lentzski The Deal by Sabrina Blaum Love Me for Me by Sarah Ettritch…

Cover of The Deal

Book: The Deal

By Sabrina Blaum

The Deal is the second stand-alone novel in the Constellation series, and it takes place after the events of the previously released novel, The Chase. It is a glacial slow-burn contemporary romance novel, and a take on the ‘fake relationship’…

Cover of The Well of Shadows

Book: The Well of Shadows

By Sabrina Blaum

Aimee and Dylan follow up on a new lead in their hunt for a long-lost tome that might alter the very fabric of their reality. Along the way they strike up an unexpected, yet crucial alliance that adds an unforeseen…

Cover of The Chase

Book: The Chase

By Sabrina Blaum

Their meeting is interrupted, leading to a fast-paced, eventful race across the country, with both the mob and the FBI nipping at their heels.

Cover of The Truce

Book: The Truce

By Sabrina Blaum

Over twenty years later, Amy Summers and Jess Daniels need to find a way to navigate their past as they are sent to Europe to handle the acquisition of a company. Along the way, they manage to strike a fragile…

Authors Getting Rec'd

Justina Ireland's Getting Rec'd

…read about the personal connections between authors and books. This week, Sabrina Blaum, whose favorite author is Justina Ireland (and she often rereads her books), explains why Rust in the Root is a must read. Sabrina fell in love with…

Benna Bos Selfie, Caturday, Book Deals, and Sapphic News

…to make adjustments in real time. As a way to show our appreciation for sponsoring the all-new I Heart SapphFic, we’re spotlighting authors who’ve joined the Advertising Pilot Program. Check out these spotlights: Jamey Moody Sabrina Blaum Eva Reddy L….