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Cover of From Rescue to Love

Book: From Rescue to Love

By Sabrina Kane

…while in the deepest depths of outer space. As usual, the signature Sabrina Kane elements are found in this story: Low angst, fun characters, lots of humor, and plenty of steam! So enjoy reading a different kind of Sabrina Kane

Cover of What To Do Outside Tremont

Book: What To Do Outside Tremont

By Sabrina Kane

…friend…and soon Katelynn will discover that outside of Tremont, there is plenty for a gay woman to do… What to Do Outside Tremont is the third instalment in Sabrina Kane’s popular Cornwall Lesbians series. As usual, it follows the recipe…

Cover of Proudly San Diego

Book: Proudly San Diego

By Sabrina Kane

…“Proudly San Diego” is the latest installment of Sabrina Kane’s popular Carlsbad Village Lesbian Romance Series! Funny, sweet, and incredibly sexy, this zero-angst lesbian romance fits right in with the rest of the Carlsbad Village books and will have you…

Cover of No More Wasted Time

Book: No More Wasted Time

By Sabrina Kane

…this is Carlsbad, California. Women somehow find a way to end up together here… “No More Wasted Time” is the funny, steamy-sexy newest installment of the popular Carlsbad Village Lesbian Romance series by Sabrina Kane. It’s lighthearted, full of characters…

Cover of Nothing But A Fling

Book: Nothing But A Fling

By Sabrina Kane

…for each of these women? Does the other woman feel the same way? Or is this truly nothing but a fling? “Nothing But A Fling” is the first book in the new Carlsbad Village Lesbian Romance series by Sabrina Kane….

Cover of The Andromeda Contact

Book: The Andromeda Contact

By Sabrina Kane

…to find out more about this Andromeda contact… “The Andromeda Contact” is the second book of Sabrina Kane’s Andromeda Galaxy Lesbian Romance series! Filled with adventure out among the stars of our neighboring galaxy, it is the story of two…

Cover of Rhymes with Couple

Book: Rhymes with Couple

By Sabrina Kane

Amber Linwood is finishing her undergraduate studies in Marine Biology and has just scored an internship at a prestigious oceanographic institute in San Diego. Anya Romanova’s career as a model in SoCal is beginning to really take off. Not only…

Cover of Mrs. Claus is Gay AF

Book: Mrs. Claus is Gay AF

By Sabrina Kane

Angela is fabulously wealthy, very beautiful, and loves the theater! Every year, she puts on a Christmas-themed play with her community theater group in San Diego, which she produces out of her own pocket, with all the proceeds going to…

Writerly Wednesdays: Thar Be Translation Pirates

…identifying information of the original series. For example, it became obvious that Sabrina Kane’s work had been targeted because the words “Carlsbad Village” remained in the descriptions. The blurbs are word-for-word Google Translate versions of the original author’s blurbs. The…