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Author Interview: Sam Skyborne Chats about The Sappho Romance

Get ready to learn more about the book The Sappho Romance in this discussion with sapphic author Sam Skyborne. Join us for an exclusive peek behind the scenes as we quiz Sam Skyborne about The Sappho Romance, writing, reading, and…

Cover of Sugar and Spice

Book: Sugar and Spice

By Sam Skyborne

What do you do if you’ve been a workaholic your whole life and then suddenly your prize, your baby, that all-consuming endeavour… is no more – handed off, luckily, for a big lump of cash? Great right? Yes, but now…

Cover of A Change of Heart

Book: A Change of Heart

By Sam Skyborne

When duty and obligation stand in the way of your dreams, which will you choose? Carol is sorted, sane and very successful. Unfortunately, she is also single but has convinced herself she is happy that way—living a high flying corporate…