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Cover of Desire Returns for a Visit

Book: Desire Returns for a Visit

By Sandra de Helen | Narrated by Sandra de Helen

“[Sandra de Helen’s] book of poems is a great way to read a truthful, witty, poignant memoir about lesbian love.” ~Judy Grahn, Ph.D., poet, writer, trailblazer “I didn’t need to read beyond the first line of the first poem in…

Cover of The World's A Stage

Book: The World's A Stage

By Sandra de Helen

“[A] poetic tour-de-force. . . De Helen’s poems refuse to obey the rules or use their inside voices. By turns pointed, acerbic, poignant, angry, and pensive, the author’s poetic voice is always strong and palpable… Sandra de Helen and her…

Cover of Lesbian Humor is Not an Oxymoron

Book: Lesbian Humor is Not an Oxymoron

By Sandra de Helen

As Sandra de Helen proved in her previous collection, Desire Returns for a Visit: Intimate Poems of Lesbian Love, she has a keen ear for language and nuance. The poems in this new volume are accessible and clever while also…

Cover of Till Darkness Comes

Book: Till Darkness Comes

By Sandra de Helen | Narrated by Daniela Acitelli

NYT best-selling author Chelsea Cain says about Till Darkness Comes: “I wish I had half the plotting talent that Sandra de Helen has. This is such a terrific and totally satisfying book.” When Beth Vogelsang’s Uncle Jerry is tortured and…

Cover of Poetry For The People

Book: Poetry For The People!

By Sandra de Helen

“Can I change hearts and minds? I’m trying.” From “Day 82: Can I Change?” Sandra de Helen’s newest poetry collection is all about changing hearts and minds. This collection of poems, gleaned from many decades of keen observation, show the…

Cover of Lesbians on the Loose

Book: Lesbians on the Loose

By Lori L. Lake and Jessie Chandler

…for themselves and others. You won’t regret going on the lam with these terrific writers! Stories by: Elizabeth Sims, Carsen Taite, SY Thompson, Andi Marquette, Linda M. Vogt, VK Powell, Kate McLachlan, Lori L. Lake, Lynn Ames, Sandra de Helen,…

Cover of The Illustrious Client

Book: The Illustrious Client

By Sandra de Helen | Narrated by Jess Reed

Book Two of the Shirley Combs and Dr. Mary Watson series, THE ILLUSTRIOUS CLIENT, shows us the private investigator and her sidekick sharing an office, and introduces their receptionist, Lix. They are hired to influence a young international pop star,…

Cover of The Hounding

Book: The Hounding

By Sandra de Helen | Narrated by Jess Reed

Tall, thin, androgynous Shirley Combs considers herself the world’s greatest living detective because she uses the methods and casebook of Sherlock Holmes to solve crimes of the gentry of the American city most closely resembling London, England — in terms…

Cover of I Eat My Words

Book: I Eat My Words

By Sandra de Helen

“[A] love letter to every reader who enjoys preparing and eating good food and finds sustenance in well-written poetry. The concept of alternating recipes with poems is delightfully satisfying as well as sensorially appealing. ~Renée Bess, novelist, poet, essayist, and…

Cover of Migraines and Their Remedies

Book: Migraines and Their Remedies

By Sandra de Helen

This poem collection includes a range of emotions felt while experiencing migraine headaches. Pain? Yes, and sorrow, anger, hopelessness. But the poems were written to help the poet survive the pain—to have hope for a cure, an end to the…