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Cover of Threaded Through Time, Book One

Book: Threaded Through Time, Book One

By Sarah Ettritch

A romance and coming out story. “For those who were born before or after their time…” That described Pam. She’d always felt that she’d been born too late—there was no chivalry in the world anymore. She’d only wanted to commune…

Cover of The Salbine Sisters

Book: The Salbine Sisters

By Sarah Ettritch

When an aspiring mage discovers that her goddess hasn’t granted her the gift of magic, she embarks on a quest to figure out why and undergoes terrible trials that test her faith. She gave up everything to become a Salbine…

Cover of The Atheist

Book: The Atheist

By Sarah Ettritch

Jillian Campbell doesn’t believe in God. When a pastor tells her that she’s a supernatural being called a Deiform, and she must join a secret religious organization called the Deiform Fellowship, she dismisses him as a kook. Two days later…

Cover of Love Me for Me

Book: Love Me for Me

By Sarah Ettritch

Erin Hunt is the heir apparent to her father’s real estate company, but the idea of working with him makes her want to cry—his every word drives home how inadequate she is. But a secret mission gives Erin an excuse…

Cover of Disobedience Means Death

Book: Disobedience Means Death

By Sarah Ettritch

Lesley and Mo live in a society that selects mates for its citizens and kills those who don’t accept its choices. Deeply in love, the two women can’t imagine being with anyone else, but their time together is running out….

Cover of The Case of the Comatose Woman

Book: The Missing Comatose Woman

By Sarah Ettritch | Narrated by Jessica Geffen

Private eye Casey Cook lands her first case, and it’s a doozy: find a missing comatose woman. Eager to prove herself, Casey does whatever it takes to get answers, from pretending to be pregnant to fawning over a hairless cat….

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Angela Greenman, Caturday, Book Deals, and Sapphic News

…Riley Rose S.W. Andersen, Jennie Davids, Kelly Farmer, Sarah Ettritch, and S R Silcox Johana Gavez and Ruby Scott Iona Kane, BA Tortuga, J.J. Hale, and Nan Campbell We wouldn’t be able to run IHS without the amazing support of…

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Spotlight on 5 Contemporary Romances!

…room for our website developers to make adjustments in real time. As a way to show our appreciation for sponsoring the all-new I Heart SapphFic, we’re turning today’s spotlight on books by S.W. Andersen, Jennie Davids, Kelly Farmer, Sarah Ettritch,…