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Cover of Heroes

Book: Heroes

By Serena J. Bishop

Aurora and Leela have succeeded in their quest to balance work and family. Aurora has risen in the ranks at her company and has become a well-known environmental advocate. Leela’s business has grown and is the president of the farmers’…

Cover of Milestones

Book: Milestones

By Serena J. Bishop

Rocky Start: Aurora and Leela go through a series of awkward, inconvenient, and sometimes painful incidents during their first date. Fancy Pasta: Leela wants Aurora. Aurora wants Leela. An intimate dinner at Leela’s home leads both to get what they…

Cover of Foundation

Book: Foundation

By Serena J. Bishop

Sisters: After Perse and Missy both experience a terrible and demoralizing day, Missy decides a night out is just what they need to brighten their spirits. And to boost Perse’s self-confidence. Mission: Marriage: While on a cruise with friends, Stef…

Cover of Miracles

Book: Miracles

By Serena J. Bishop

Meeting in their dreams was only the beginning-Aurora and Leela’s extraordinary tale continues… After three years together, Aurora and Leela have settled into a cozy life. The only complaint is their lack of quality time together. When the opportunity arises…

Cover of Leveled

Book: Leveled

By Serena J. Bishop

After having her travel papers stolen to research in India, Dr. Persephone ‘Perse’ Teixeira succumbs to living in her sister’s basement and working in retail. Just as she’s about ready to hit rock bottom, Perse is offered an opportunity to…

Cover of Beards

Book: Beards

By Serena J. Bishop

Roni loves Gina. Gina loves Roni. Problem: Gina’s married to Early. Solution: Roni marries Early’s secret boyfriend, Steven. It’s the 1990s and Roni, Gina, Early, and Steven decide the most logical way their chosen family can live happily ever after…

Cover of Dreams

Book: Dreams

By Serena J. Bishop

Aurora’s life is perfectly mundane. She has a job she hates, an ex that ran her out of her hometown, and the highlight of her week is Monday breakfast with her best friend. That changes when Aurora starts dreaming of…

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Author Interview: Cade Haddock Strong Chats about On the Fence

…of beta readers. And a remarkable thing was born from these friendships. Me, and handful of other sapphic authors, including Tagan Shepard, Louise McBain, and Serena Bishop, came together to establish the Sapphic Lit Pop-Up Bookstore. The venture has been…