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All About Black Queen by Serenity Snow

All About: Black Queen by Serenity Snow

Black Queen by Serenity Snow Released: Dec 01, 2022 Genre: Romance: Fantasy Why this book and why now? One of the reasons I wrote this book is because I love the series. Also, I’ve been asked by a few people…

Cover of Black Queen

Book: Black Queen

By Serenity Snow

Ready to get back to business as usual, Jorja doesn’t see the gathering storm despite a staged attack on her by her supposed new allies the Elemental Coalition. However, once the dust clears, Jorja is on alert and the coup…

Cover of Diamond Rough

Book: Diamond Rough

By Serenity Snow

Born into a family of premier jewelers, Jorja is a half goblin who knows her place is at the head of her family business. There’s only one problem. Her grandfather is certain men were made to lead, but he’s willing…

Cover of The Madam's Lover

Book: The Madam's Lover

By Serenity Snow

Tatiana is a buyer for a high-end boutique and a lesbian partially in the closet. On a dark road on a stormy night, fate throws her into the arms of Alexi Russo. After a night of passion, Tatiana’s dragged from…

Cover of Caroline's Choice

Book: Caroline's Choice

By Serenity Snow

With a new job and the beginnings of a new life with Lucky, Caroline feels like things are finally falling into place romantically. However, she knows her family will never accept Lucky, as much as she wants them to. She’s…

Cover of Caroline's Heart

Book: Caroline's Heart

By Serenity Snow

Lucky Cane is a hotshot criminal defense attorney coming off a big win when her ex Caroline Woodland asks her for help. Lucky’s reluctant to be anywhere near the closeted lesbian she fell in love with during their brief fling,…

Cover of Submitting to the Hellhound

Book: Submitting to the Hellhound

By Serenity Snow

Mara’s life had been filled with fear and longing for a home. Nowhere was safe enough from those who chase her. Anyone she dared love would die with her if Mara was ever caught. Still, she ached for love despite…

Cover of A Butterfly's Fire

Book: A Butterfly's Fire

By Serenity Snow

Sheltered, Somali is eager to escape the confining bonds of her life and job. Then, a startling revelation gives her the courage to go out on her own. The problem is, her old bosses refuses to let her go and…

Cover of The Wish Demon

Book: The Wish Demon

By Serenity Snow

Aurora is a shop owner with small dreams of a comfortable life, but her dreams are haunted by a love she can’t hold. But this is the season of All Hallows and the veil between the world is thinnest and…

Cover of The Madam Never Surrenders

Book: The Madam Never Surrenders

By Serenity Snow

Alexi Russo thought things were going to settle down after she defeated Breakers, but Tatiana’s cryptic encounter with a dangerous organization leaves her on edge. Little does Alexi know that’s just a cover for an unseen group of dangerous men…