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Cover of Siren's Song

Book: Siren's Song

By Sharon F Kay

For the past four years, Marcella had been making a name for herself as an infamous pirate captain, able to swoop in on ships with uncanny timing. Little did her peers know that she had an ally: a mermaid with…

Cover of Lovers of the Unbound Kingdoms

Book: Lovers of the Unbound Kingdoms

By Sharon F Kay

Inside you will find these four previously released titles- Wild Magic As You Command The Offer Nothing Wagered -and the exclusive found only in this collection- Delve Which follows three adventurers as they explore forgotten ruins… and each other….

Cover of Stolen Moments

Book: Stolen Moments

By Sharon F. Kay

Growing up on the streets, Leslyn could only survive by learning to steal what she needed, and she proved to be an excellent student. But now, after a lifetime spent creating a place for herself, she’s lost it all –…