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All About: American Superstar: Time To Shine by Shay Paris

American Superstar: Time To Shine by Shay Paris Released: Dec 24, 2022 Genre: Contemporary Romance Why this book and why now? American Superstar came to life after listening to “Devil Gate Drive” by Suzi Quatro a few times. It was…

Cover of American Superstar

Book: American Superstar: Set the Stage

By Shay Paris

Lennon Emery, an aspiring singer and closeted lesbian, auditions for a spot on the famous American Superstar, a singing competition that promises fame and fortune for the winner. Lennon’s goal is simple, win the show and become the performer she…

Cover of American Superstar 2

Book: American Superstar: Time To Shine

By Shay Paris

Lights. Camera. Action! Lennon Emery had done it! After securing a coveted spot on the American Superstar live shows, Lennon realizes the hard part has only just begun. Nine weeks of live performances in front of thousands of people –…

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