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Cover of Crimson Vengeance

Book: Crimson Vengeance

By Sheri Lewis Wohl

Spokane County Medical Examiner Riah Preston has a job to do and a secret to keep. Riah is a vampire and she’s on a mission to discover a cure for the very thing that has kept her a prisoner of…

Cover of Witch Finder

Book: Witch Finder

By Sheri Lewis Wohl

But you don’t mess with centuries of tradition. Even though she’ll do everything in her power to keep the Witch Finders of the Dark Faction from gaining possession of the Book of Darkness, she’s just fine tucked away on her…

Cover of The Artist

Book: The Artist

By Sheri Lewis Wohl

No one knows she used to be one of the most talented artists of her generation, and she wants to keep it that way. Except the very talent that made her a child prodigy won’t let her free, and it’s…

Cover of All That Remains

Book: All That Remains

By Sheri Lewis Wohl

But sometimes being the best at what she does isn’t good enough. Nothing has trained her for a serial killer who appears to chew on the bones of their victims, and it’s not long before Johnnie is convinced the killer…

Cover of Avenging Avery

Book: Avenging Avery

By Sheri Lewis Wohl

That same vampire destroyed the love of Deputy Sheriff Jeni Denton’s life, and she vows to annihilate every vampire she can. Amid a rash of local disappearances, Isa’s and Jeni’s paths cross, and a common enemy forces them into an…

Cover of Cause of Death

Book: Cause of Death

By Sheri Lewis Wohl

She didn’t plan her attraction to Kate Renard, the beautiful K9 search and rescue handler who lived next door, and she really didn’t plan on chasing a serial killer. Kate is delighted when Vi moves in next door. She’s attractive,…

Cover of Drawing Down the Mist

Book: Drawing Down the Mist

By Sheri Lewis Wohl

Today she is Sasha Rudin and very few know her true identity. She has one mission: to find and put an end to the alliance of monsters that turned her into a vampire. A chance encounter with Dee Arkin, a…

Cover of The Talebearer

Book: The Talebearer

By Sheri Lewis Wohl

On day 364, a bullet sends her to the hospital and changes her life forever. In the aftermath of the shooting, Liz quits her job and moves to a small house on the edge of a beautiful park in Spokane,…

Cover of Walking Through Shadows

Book: Walking Through Shadows

By Sheri Lewis Wohl

An invitation from friends Winnie and Angus is just the diversion she needs right now, and she jumps at the offer to go backpacking along the Umatilla River in northeast Oregon. When a freak storm forces them to take shelter…

Cover of She Wolf

Book: She Wolf

By Sheri Lewis Wohl

Vampires, werewolves, and witches all fall at her hands. Danger is her constant companion, and to keep her own secret safe, she dares not love another. Until now. Jayne Quarles takes her by surprise and touches her heart in a…