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Cover of When Angels Fall

Book: When Angels Fall

By Sherryl D. Hancock | Narrated by Barbara Rich

Skyler Boché survived the war, as well as a horrific crash that should have killed her and her entire crew. Now, every day she has to deal with the aftermath and the crippling PTSD that’s tearing her apart. Devin James…

Cover of When Love Wins

Book: When Love Wins

By Sherryl Hancock | Narrated by Barbara Rich

Best friends Shenin and Tyler didn’t mean to fall in love. Though, does anyone? A friendship-turned love affair is hard enough to navigate through; throw in IEDs and gun battles, along with the separation that inevitably comes with life in…

Cover of Time Will Tell

Book: Time Will Tell

By Sherryl Hancock

Welcome to the Castro District, San Francisco’s vibrant neighborhood, full of history, color and hot women! Join us as we catch up with old friends and meet plenty of new. Will time heal broken hearts, and will new flames roar…

Cover of Controlled Burn

Book: Controlled Burn

By Sherryl D Hancock | Narrated by Margo Brialis

Battalion Chief Hunter Briggs is struggling with the loss of her wife. Just when she thinks she can’t hold on anymore, she is reminded of another lost love. Kori is the one that got away, and years later Hunter is…

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