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Cover of Get It Right

Book: Get It Right

By Skye Kilaen

A butch lesbian parolee. The pretty pansexual nurse who got away. Is this their second chance at a happily ever after? Finn is finally out of prison, which is great. Having no job, no car, and no place to sleep…

Cover of Glorious Day

Book: Glorious Day

By Skye Kilaen

Elsenna Hazen left spaceport security and ended up a royal bodyguard. She should have known better than to fall in love with a princess. It’s been two years since one ill-advised kiss in the garden pulled them apart. With uprisings…

Cover of If I Were A Weapon

Book: If I Were A Weapon

By Skye Kilaen

When dying alien ships materialized across the Earth, their nanite infection knocked Deneve Wilder out cold. She woke up with the ability to see the future. Determined to keep anyone from using her visions for evil, she took to the…

Cover of Too Dangerous To Keep

Book: Too Dangerous To Keep

By Skye Kilaen

The superpowered sci-fi romance series continues. Deneve’s nanite powers sent her running from her home, trapped her in Austin, and tangled her up with Jolie. Now the nanites want more: a connection between Deneve and a new person who’s put…

Cover of Necessary Repairs

Book: Necessary Repairs

By Skye Kilaen

Violet hasn’t seen her danger-loving business partner (and wife) Iona for months. They’re better off with at least two planets between them. But now a client’s offered them good money to retrieve an irreplaceable item from the man who stole…

Top 5 Reads of 2023 Graphic

Mary's TOP 5 Sapphic Books of 2023

…a hoopoe endowed with human intelligence and an infinite memory. The writing is exquisite, the world is amazing. 3. If I Were a Weapon by Skye Kilaen After an alien flotilla crash-lands in various locations across the US, survivors exposed…

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I Heart SapphFic Reading Challenge Week 37: 11 Books on Sale

…Roslyn Sinclair, Kiki Archer, Skye Kilaen, Rachel Ford, K. Aten, and so many others. You’ll find lesfic age gap, wlw enemies to lovers, queer sci-fi, and more with women loving women characters. If you get lost between the two lists,…

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Jan 2 Edition: Ice Queen, First Love, Erotic Romances, and More

…Ashton, Virginia Black, and Cari Hunter. Find out Jude’s top 5 books right here. Mary divulges their top reads that include authors Hiyodori, Nghi Vo, Skye Kilaen, Rien Gray, and Juniper Butterworth. Find Mary’s top 5 books right here. M….