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Cover of Apt 103

Book: Apt 103

By Stephanie Shea

Logan Amin has spent the last two months pining over Natalia, the girl in apartment 103. It never occurs to Logan that maybe Natalia has been thinking about her too.

Cover of Avalanche

Book: Avalanche

By Stephanie Shea

On-the-rise fashion photographer Blake Elimar has only ever been in love once—with her then best friend, Drew. It’s taken five years to piece herself together, especially since the last time they’d seen each other was at Drew’s wedding. Drew Dimitrov…

Cover of Missed Connection

Book: Missed Connection

By Stephanie Shea

Avery Dimaano is good at most things. No, she’s better. She has amazing friends, a family that’s only slightly more dysfunctional than others, and an affable way of strutting through the world that makes her the quintessential person for the…

Cover of Collide

Book: Collide

By Stephanie Shea

Mia Stone isn’t looking for romance. Not after her engagement crashed to an end when her fiancé was caught on viral video kissing another woman. She has time and space for three things in her life. Her family, her best…

Cover of Take Two

Book: Take Two

By Stephanie Shea

Being in love is Whitney Dimaano’s favorite past time. Though lately, she can’t seem to get it right. She’s tried—she is trying—but it just hasn’t…clicked, and maybe her time would be better spent focusing on all the things that are…

Cover of Whispering Oaks

Book: Whispering Oaks

By Stephanie Shea

A 2022 Goldies Finalist Nothing ever happens in Whispering Oaks. The air is clean; uncorrupted by a tawdry downtown. Birds twitter. Crime is nigh non-existent. It’s the picture-perfect suburb with all the effects of classy restaurants and diverse nightlife. Not…

Cover of Chef's Kiss

Book: Chef's Kiss

By Stephanie Shea

A 2022 Goldies Finalist… Valentina Rosas has always known what she wants. Mostly. Sort of. At least, she does now. And what she wants is the coveted staging role at Gia, San Francisco. With four years at the top of…

Cover of Nochebuena

Book: Nochebuena

By Stephanie Shea

Camila Morales is a hopeless romantic. Not that she thinks every couple is meant to be—she is a divorce lawyer, after all. But when her happy, married-thirty-years parents announce their own separation three weeks before Christmas, Cami’s world is turned…

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