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Cover of Unlikely Lovers

Book: Unlikely Lovers

By Susie Ray

Two stories about Unlikely Lovers Unlikely Lovers – Having witnessed her very public break-up with her girl-friend, Nina hardly expected Melanie, a total stranger, to offer to help her move out, but unlikely things do happen, and Nina discovers that…

Cover of Love in the Slow Lane

Book: Love in the Slow Lane

By Susie Ray

Love in the Slow Lane – Olivia has led quite a sheltered existence, being raised by her paternal grandparents after losing her mother and father within two years of each other, and after a successful time at university, she decides…

Cover of Wonderland

Book: Wonderland

By Susie Ray

Nina could never have imagined the dramatic impact that dying her hair, shocking pink, to raise funds for a worthy cause, would have on her life… Wherever she goes, she struggles to cope with all the unwanted attention she gets,…

Cover of Singapore Sling

Book: Singapore Sling

By Susie Ray

Singapore Sling – Katya is scared of flying, so why is she travelling to Singapore? Her chance meeting with Sue Li, ignites a spark that develops into a torrid love affair, all thanks to a coincidental encounter with Sue Li’s…

Cover of Another Chance at Love

Book: Another Chance at Love

By Susie Ray

A collection of 10 sizzling stories of Women loving Women Another Chance at Love – tells the story of Joan and Wendy’s sexy three-monthly re-unions, making up for lost time, wishing they could make their sessions permanent, but Joan has…

Cover of Every Day

Book: Every Day

By Susie Ray

Women loving women: Six stories of romance, with the heat turned up at in the last two sizzling stories at the end of the book in the ‘Naughty’ section! Every Day: Megan’s obsession with Cassandra Coupar, is doomed to failure,…