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Cover of Unlikely Lovers

Book: Unlikely Lovers

By Susie Ray

Two stories about Unlikely Lovers Unlikely Lovers – Having witnessed her very public break-up with her girl-friend, Nina hardly expected Melanie, a total stranger, to offer to help her move out, but unlikely things do happen, and Nina discovers that…

Cover of Love in the Slow Lane

Book: Love in the Slow Lane

By Susie Ray

Love in the Slow Lane – Olivia has led quite a sheltered existence, being raised by her paternal grandparents after losing her mother and father within two years of each other, and after a successful time at university, she decides…

Cover of Wonderland

Book: Wonderland

By Susie Ray

Nina could never have imagined the dramatic impact that dying her hair, shocking pink, to raise funds for a worthy cause, would have on her life… Wherever she goes, she struggles to cope with all the unwanted attention she gets,…

Cover of Singapore Sling

Book: Singapore Sling

By Susie Ray

Singapore Sling – Katya is scared of flying, so why is she travelling to Singapore? Her chance meeting with Sue Li, ignites a spark that develops into a torrid love affair, all thanks to a coincidental encounter with Sue Li’s…

Cover of Another Chance at Love

Book: Another Chance at Love

By Susie Ray

A collection of 10 sizzling stories of Women loving Women Another Chance at Love – tells the story of Joan and Wendy’s sexy three-monthly re-unions, making up for lost time, wishing they could make their sessions permanent, but Joan has…

Cover of Every Day

Book: Every Day

By Susie Ray

Women loving women: Six stories of romance, with the heat turned up at in the last two sizzling stories at the end of the book in the ‘Naughty’ section! Every Day: Megan’s obsession with Cassandra Coupar, is doomed to failure,…

Cover of Molly the Collie

Book: Molly the Collie

By Susie Ray

Molly the Collie is Samantha’s best friend, and it’s fitting that she’s present when Sam meets someone special, finding a forlorn tourist whilst on their walk together. Who knew where it might lead? Sam had resigned herself to staying single,…

Cover of Love Match

Book: Love Match

By Susie Ray

Women loving Women short stories Love Match Kat has admired Maggie from a distance, but when Maggie’s doubles tennis partner has an accident on County Championship weekend, and she calls upon Kat to stand in, she doesn’t know how to…

Cover of Best Friends

Book: Best Friends

By Susie Ray

Best Friends – Paige and Lucy were Best Friends from childhood. Paige hoped that their friendship might develop into something more intimate and that they might spend the rest of their lives together, but things often don’t go as planned….

Cover of Eternal Optimist

Book: Eternal Optimist

By Susie Ray

Four stories of Women loving Women Eternal Optimist – Lacey is making her way in the world of working for a living, and her first job means moving, away from home to Lichfield, one of the smallest cities in the…