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Cover of Life Drawing

Book: Life Drawing

By Suzanne Clay

After two intense encounters with her former student, Ainsley must admit to herself that she can see a future with Noma—but at what cost? Years spent protecting herself from heartbreak have left Ainsley terrified to take a chance on love….

Cover of Figure Study

Book: Figure Study

By Suzanne Clay

Ainsley and her former student Noma face the aftermath of their unexpected one-night stand in this second story of Chiaroscuro. The night Ainsley spent gently dominating Noma was far more intimate than any scene she’d ever been in before. The…

Cover of The Price on Her Head

Book: The Price on Her Head

By Suzanne Clay

Consummate hunter Myrine’s one focus in life is keeping her son Zale safe. Sometimes the danger is the wild animals that prowl outside the city of Kepithos. Sometimes the threat is the memory of a lethal plague that once decimated…

Cover of Painting Class

Book: Painting Class

By Suzanne Clay

Ainsley’s first gallery showing is way out of her comfort zone. After teaching high school art for over a decade, she can’t think of anywhere else she’d rather be than the classroom, and especially not in front of a crowd…