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All About Taking Flight by TC Parker

All About: Taking Flight by T C Parker

Taking Flight by T C Parker Released: Jan 06, 2023 Genre: Romance: Comedy Why this book and why now? Taking Flight is actually the first and only romance/romcom I’ve written. Though everything I write is queer/sapphic, I generally focus on…

Cover Sentiment to the Heart

Book: Sentiment to the Heart

By Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue

After a disastrous situation causes Parker Avery to lose her position at the Orlando Police Department, she opens up a private investigation firm. However, business isn’t what she thought it would be, and after spending several weeks without a case,…

Cover of The Girlfriend Arrangement

Book: The Girlfriend Arrangement

By Anna Stone | Narrated by Abby Craden

…back from a scandal, Julia is determined to prove she can handle a big-name client like Parker Black. But Julia isn’t prepared for the way the blonde-haired billionaire makes her weak at the knees. And she definitely isn’t prepared when…

Cover of Hummingbird

Book: Hummingbird

By TC Parker

…sculptures out of skin and bone. It’s a powder keg. Even before the protestors start disappearing… Jodie doesn’t want trouble – just to be left alone to raise her son in peace. Tanya wants more God and less wickedness in…

Cover of Catch

Book: Catch

By Kris Bryant | Narrated by Melissa Sternenberg

…them, Sutton’s heart is crushed. Grayson isn’t the problem. Sutton’s fifteen-year crush on his wife, Parker O’Neal, is. Parker is living a life full of regrets dating all the way back to high school when her parents made her end…

Cover of Learning to Trust

Book: Learning to Trust

By Kallie Mont

Parker?” Parker loved that voice and she adored hearing it say her name. But in this moment, it scared the shit out of her. In the sleepy coastal town of Doveport, the pot isn’t just stirred—that bitch is boiling over….

Cover of Not Your Type

Book: Not Your Type

By Elizabeth Jeannel

…But when she starts seeing Parker everywhere, she finds it hard to ignore how familiar Parker is, and how at peace Parker’s presence in her life makes her feel. Parker is less than a year out of a toxic relationship…

Cover of Night & Day

Book: Night & Day

By Lily Seabrooke

Parker Ferris needed a roommate, but for the crabby ball of snark she is, maybe upbeat Instagram lifestyle influencer Cassie Peterson wasn’t the best choice. Not like she had a choice: with her business rival Gary Founders crushing her coffee…

Cover of Call of Love

Book: Call of Love

By Lee Haven

…D.C. and informed that Kate is dying, Parker returns home, filled with anger and fear. As she struggles to reconnect with her family and adjust to a place that no longer feels like home, Parker has the chance to rekindle…

Cover of A Matter of Blood

Book: A Matter of Blood

By Catherine Maiorisi | Narrated by Abby Craden

…to watch her back? Parker is the daughter of a vehement critic of the NYPD. But that doesn’t stop her from wanting to work in the homicide division. And wanting to learn from the best. Unfortunately, Chiara Corelli is the…