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Worth Waiting For

All About: Worth Waiting For by Teresa Purkis

Worth Waiting For by Teresa Purkis Released: Aug 05, 2013 Genre: Contemporary Romance Why this book and why now? I thought I had finished with the characters from The Perfect Blend coffeehouse until one of my readers at WestonSuperSapphic asked…

Cover of The Perfect Blend

Book: The Perfect Blend

By Teresa Purkis

This workplace lesbian romance explores the relationship between two older women. A heart warming, slow burn, late in life, friends to lovers story. Georgina owns an independent coffeehouse. Her co-owner, ex lover and sometime friend with benefits, has recently died…

Cover of Back for Good

Book: Back for Good

By Teresa Purkis

Laugh, love and cry with this poignant story of love and life. Back For Good follows Jocelyn’s adventures in a heart-warming novel about family and relationships. After years away, Jocelyn has finally come home. She begins to enjoy the life…

Cover of Never Again

Book: Never Again

By Teresa Purkis

Never Again follows Bren on her healing journey of discovery. After Bren had been wrongly accused of inappropriate behaviour, and with her teaching career in ruins, she has returned home, defeated and penniless, to look after her infirm, bigoted father….

Cover of Coming Home

Book: Coming Home

By Teresa Purkis

Coming home is a heart-warming novel about family and relationships. It interweaves humour and loss in a poignant, amusing story, laced with love. It will make you laugh, cry and appreciate life. The last place Jocelyn Harrold wanted to be…

Cover of Christmas in the Canaries

Book: Christmas in the Canaries

By Teresa Purkis

An engaging and moving story of another chance at love between two older women. Christmas in the Canaries follows the fortunes of Alison and Maddie as they both embark on a cruise over the holiday season. Alison needs a holiday…

Cover of Worth Waiting For

Book: Worth Waiting For

By Teresa Purkis

When Althea and her recent girlfriend split up, she feels the depression that she has suppressed for years surface. She accepts that love and companionship have passed her by again. She needs the friendship of The Perfect Blend coffeehouse women…

Cover of Where She Belongs

Book: Where She Belongs

By Teresa Purkis

Where She Belongs continues to follow the fortunes of Jocelyn and Trina in this poignant and heartwarming tale of family, relationships, friendships and love. it is a wonderfully engaging and moving story of real love. Showing the happiness and sadness…