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All About: A Second Chance by Tessa Vidal

A Second Chance by Tessa Vidal Released: November 8, 2022 Genre: Contemporary Romance Why this book and why now? I wrote A Second Chance based on a second chance romance of my own! As a mature and wiser woman, experiencing…

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…in Our Design by Monica McCallan Lovebirds by Cara Malone The Promise by Tessa Vidal Love Is For Later by Arizona Tape Reflections by Donna Jay The Last to Leave by Erica Lee Seduced by a Weretigress by Cat Delaroche…

Cover of A Second Chance

Book: A Second Chance

By Tessa Vidal

“Will Lauren ever love me again?”” Gracie Thorne leaves home to attend medical school, and experience life on her own. She also leaves behind her first love, and just can’t forget the sizzling chemistry they share. Offered the job of…

Cover of Choices

Book: Choices

By Tessa Vidal

Small-town sweethearts Caro and Shell were torn apart eleven years ago. Movie star Caro has reinvented herself as Hollywood royalty. Every inch a polished princess, she keeps her humble past a deep, dark secret. Down-to-earth Shell refuses to hide who…

Cover of The Promise

Book: The Promise

By Tessa Vidal

“I’m a little afraid of you, or more importantly, of us. But, I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t find you attractive.” Ashley James is dumped at the altar by her fiancé, so she returns to her hometown…

Cover of Reunited

Book: Reunited

By Tessa Vidal

Luna Willows hits a brick wall when she turns thirty. Her dream is to make a living as an artist, but her paintings gather dust instead of sales. Her coffee shop Steamy Hotties barely pays the bills, and living paycheck…

Cover of Passion

Book: Passion

By Tessa Vidal

“Passion. I feel it coming off of you in heated waves. Now lift your bow and play these notes using that damned passion to bring out what this piece needs.” After years of struggling, Lilith Crane finally lands a job…

Cover of Diva

Book: Diva

By Tessa Vidal

“Taking care of you is my job, but if you want more than that, I can be tempted.” Being dumped is the first injustice, and losing my craptastic retail job is the second. Struggling to find a way forward, romance…

Cover of ICE

Book: Ice

By Tessa Vidal

“You’re beautiful, talented, and smart. Do you have what it takes to compete with me?” In the glittering world of Hollywood, Charlotte Adams reigns supreme as the owner of Iconic California Estates, a boutique real estate agency. With her towering…