A Brighter Shade of Blue

A Sequel to Stay

The Stay Series, Book 2

By Michelle Arnold

Even when you've found your happily ever after, sometimes the ghosts of the past catch up with you.

Five years after the events of Stay, Eva and Grace are happily married and raising their two small daughters, Tori and Nora. Tori, a lively, precocious four-year-old, has no idea she was fathered by a rapist, and her parents plan to keep it that way as long as practical. But when the parents of the deceased offender find out they have a biological grandchild, they sue for custody, sending Eva and Grace into a nightmarish legal battle that brings up terrible memories for Eva. As the two women fight to keep this potentially dangerous couple away from their child, a new threat emerges: Eva is being harassed online by an obsessive stranger.

In the midst of the chaos, Eva and Grace work hard to keep their little family functioning and happy, but they are left wondering: is it possible to live out your dreams without the past haunting you?

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