A Country Kind Of Love

By Nicole Spencer-Skillen

Remember, every great love song comes from an even greater story.

Peyton Harris, a young and ambitious singer-songwriter from Huntington Beach, California, has spent an entire year meticulously planning her move to Nashville. Inspired by her mother’s music career, Peyton yearns to follow in her footsteps.

Her apartment hunt in Nashville turns out to be a fruitless endeavour. Left with no other option, Peyton reluctantly turns to the depths of Craig’s List in search of a roommate. It’s there that she stumbles upon Jesse Clark, a peculiar yet endearing individual with a love for tequila, tattoos, and his pet tarantula.

After Peyton faces a myriad of rejection from various record labels, she crosses paths with Cleo Landry, a struggling musician from Indiana. There is an undeniable allure about Cleo, with her short, bouncy 90’s haircut, adorned hands, and inked exterior. Peyton is immediately drawn to her unique charm.

When Cleo approaches Peyton for assistance in crafting more authentic and emotionally charged music, the two embark on a heart-stirring journey filled with moments of intense passion and inspiration.
Just as their journey reaches a critical juncture, a questionable judgment call proves to be a devastating blow, a connection from Peyton’s past is revealed, and a certain song presents a glimmer of hope.

Remember, every great love song comes from an even greater love story.

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