A Date with Castle Ruins

By Claudia Haase

Christmas markets that don't(?) take place, an ancient-looking letter and a cute mouse in prison - it all happens in this short story.

Babsi is frustrated. The short vacation that was planned for her and her family in Bergfels Village is cancelled. The Christmas market in Bergfels, which her wife wanted to report on, will not take place.

Furthermore, the bazaar, which her daughter, Hannah, was involved with planning this year, is in the balance. As if that wasn’t annoying enough, Hannah and her friend also run into trouble with the law.

Their jaunt to the local ruins of Sturmstein Castle has unexpected consequences, in which a certain Countess Ida of Bergfels-Blumenheide is not uninvolved.

What none of them suspects: within the ruin’s wrecked walls, the mouse, Murina, has to stand trial – only for doing people a favor, of all things.

In this short story about the ruins of Sturmstein Castle, the main characters of Claudia Haase’s previously published short stories all join up, but the volume can also be read independently.

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