A Haunting at Hartwell Hall

By Rachel Bowdler

It’s 1924 in Cheshire, England, and the grand estate of Hartwell Hall has had some strange complaints from its guests.

With suspicions of ghosts and hauntings arising, Hartwell’s owner, Vincent, does the only thing he can think of to salvage his family-inherited business before the guests are scared away for good: enlist the help of a paranormal investigator.

However, his daughter, Felicity, has no reason to believe in the supernatural and can’t stand the thought of throwing well-earned money away on an obvious con-woman like Blair Nelson, who claims to have been able to feel the presence of the dearly departed all her life. A stubborn, money-minded sceptic and barmy ghost-hunter in the same room is hardly a good idea, then, and the only thing worse is them being forced to work together to explain Hartwell’s peculiar occurrences. But when Felicity faces something she can’t explain or dismiss in the middle of a storm-induced blackout, only Blair can help her uncover the truth about the mysteries of her centuries-old home and the shadow lurking around it. Can Felicity trust Blair enough to unravel her family’s secrets and open her heart to a new and unexpected love, or will Hartwell Hall always remain haunted and destined to run itself into the ground, Felicity along with it?

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