A Hellhound for Halloween

The Park Ranger Shifters Series, Book 2

By Calandra Hunter

She met her mate. Only to watch her leave.

Chipmunk shifter Charlotte can’t believe it when she finally meets her true mate. She definitely can’t believe it when the gorgeous woman leaves her standing by the side of the road. But Charlotte refuses to give up on her mate and their chance at happiness. When Teresa has to track down a criminal in the state park Charlotte works at, Charlotte grabs the chance to spend more time with her. She’ll show Teresa they’re meant to be together—no matter the risk.

Teresa lives for the chase. As a hellhound shifter, she never loses a trail and uses her unique skills to find dangerous shifters and bring them to justice. Meeting her mate is the last thing she needs. She can’t put Charlotte in danger. She’ll just have to fight her attraction until she’s solved her case and can leave.

Never mind that her hellhound has decided that only one thing matters—chasing down their mate.

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