A Kind Deception

By Skye Von Triessen

How hard can it be for two authors to live the romance that they write about?

Two sapphic romance authors? They are brilliant at crafting the greatest feeling of all. But, can they manipulate the game of love in real life the same as they do with the characters they create? They should know how to handle drama, solve conflicts and ensure a happily ever after since they write beautiful stories that warm the hearts of so many people. So how hard can it be for them to live the romance that they write about?

Laurel Culhane is struggling with feeling unmotivated in her current stage of life and considering leaving her day job to pursue a career as a full-time author. However, growing up in a family with high expectations has left her hesitant to follow her dreams. Everyone knows Laurel is not a fan of the younger generation which has contributed to her growing dislike of corporate life. But, despite her general disinterest in the world of celebrities and anyone younger than her, for reasons unknown, she has caught the attention of Rayne Ducasse. However, Laurel has no intention of interacting with Rayne, because they couldn’t possibly have anything in common, and unlike the rest of the world she wasn’t under the woman’s spell.

Rayne Ducasse’s life has been full of twists and turns that have ultimately led her to become a highly successful entrepreneur. However, in spite of all of her accomplishments and fame, her true passion lies in writing romance stories, which can be a very lonely process. She yearns to connect with someone who shares her passion. Someone who will see her for the woman she is beneath the surface when the cameras are off. Unfortunately, the woman who has caught her eye seems hellbent on ignoring her.

So, what happens when Laurel and Rayne meet at an awards ceremony? Will Laurel be able to maintain her guarded demeanor or will Rayne’s charisma break through her icy facade, much like the characters Laurel writes about? Can Rayne prove to Laurel that she is more than the assumptions she’s made about her? As they reveal more about themselves, despite their age difference, upbringing, and social status, will they discover that they may have more in common than they thought?

And as layer after layer is revealed to show who they are beneath the surface, is there more to their story than what meets the eye?

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