A Quantum Singularity

Rainbow Award

The Nexus Series, Book 3

By C. A. Farlow

A race across the galaxy to survive a separation.

In the third book of The Nexus Series, Lauren and Alex’s return from Earth is interrupted by the exiled traitor Gwenhywfach, Chief of Clan Cador. The traitor grabs Alex out of the quantum tubula that connects the two worlds. She spirits Alex away into an unknown galaxy on her clan’s interstellar ship.

All of Terra is devastated by Alex’s kidnapping, and Lauren and Alex’s soulmate bond is stretched to the limit as the distance separating them grows. Lauren is frantic to get Alex back before their bond is broken. But first, she must fight the Terran Council for her right to make decisions in Alex’s stead. Will she manage to vanquish her foes and plan a rescue?

Alex’s life and the bond between them depends upon it!

“Fantastic world-building, colorful characters, alternate realities, magic, science, and telepathy between humans, wolves, and horses! Who could ask for anything more?” —MB Panichi, author of Saving Morgan and other award-winning science fiction novels

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