A Song in Her Heart

By T.B. Markinson

In the heart of Nashville, where dreams and secrets collide, two women find themselves entangled in a love story that could shatter their worlds or make them whole.

Hannah Taylor, a rising country music sensation, stands on the brink of superstardom. But beneath the glitz and glamour, she harbors a secret, one that could shatter her carefully crafted image and jeopardize her career. In a city where conformity is key, being a queer woman is a battle she fights every day.

Shelby Montgomery is a small-town nobody, striving to provide a better life for her young son. With dreams deferred and a husband who vanished when the going got tough, Shelby’s life is a constant struggle. Working tirelessly at a local diner, she dreams of a brighter future but knows she needs a stroke of luck to change her life.

Fate takes an unexpected turn when Hannah stumbles into Shelby’s diner, drawn in by the irresistible aroma of Shelby’s famous peach cobbler. What starts as a chance encounter soon evolves into a life-altering proposition: Hannah asks Shelby to become her personal chef on a nationwide tour. It’s an offer that could upend both of their lives, challenging them to confront their fears and desires.

As they crisscross the country, a powerful connection begins to bloom between them. But in a world where secrets can destroy, Hannah and Shelby must confront their deepest fears. Will they risk it all for a love that defies the odds and find the acceptance they both crave?

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