A Taste To Die For

The Teddie McKay Series, Book 2

By C. K. Martin

Is 15 minutes of fame worth killing for?

Winning is everything…

The aftermath of The Crochet Killer case is starting to fade and life is returning to normal for Detective Teddie McKay. Hell, it’s almost starting to feel enjoyable. The late summer heat is lingering and the hottest new reality TV show has come to town. With the chaos it brings, Teddie is looking forward to pulling in some easy overtime as a glorified beat cop.

But 15 minutes of fame comes with a price. When the show’s most famous contestant is found dead in suspicious circumstances, Teddie is the first on scene. The production team closes ranks, determined to protect their image and keep their advertising revenue. With only a few of contestants tipped to take the top prize and instant stardom, could one of them be ruthless enough to kill for it?

Teddie finds herself once again heading up a high profile case, where sex, politics and celebrity become entangled. Stonewalled, she has to swallow her pride and call in favors from friends in high places.

This time she’s trying to keep her personal life out of the spotlight too, but as Portland’s most famous lesbian cop, it seems like other people have a different idea…

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