A Woman Like Eve

The Em Suite, Book 5

By Djuna Shellam

In Book 5 of The Em Suite Series, A Woman Like Eve, Eve reveals her painful and unsavory history, taking her partner and readers on a not-so-nostalgic trip back to the hedonistic Seventies and Eighties in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

All is well with Em Martín. Things couldn’t be better. After helping Dot get back on her feet in Palm Springs, Em and her family are back home in Bel Air, CA, embracing their new roles. Happy and beyond content, Em feels lucky she’s found “the one.” Life is good—exceedingly good… until it’s not.

As if on cue, the good turns ugly. Prairie’s Montana family is dealing with a health crisis, Dot experiences a devastating loss; and, in the blink of an eye, everyone’s favorite and seemingly unbreakable couple is on the verge of broken.

Eve’s past—one she’s buried for two decades—has inconveniently bubbled to the surface. A dark past that, when fully revealed, has the potential to blow up her perfect life with Em. What is the line that cannot be crossed… the bridge too far… the things that cannot be undone that threaten to unravel a solid relationship? Will Eve’s secrets prove too terrible, sordid, and unforgivable? Will love win?

Meanwhile, Em’s alternative family circle grows, taking on new adventures.

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