A Woman to Die For

By Erin Wade

“Sanity?” Katie teased. “Personally, I think sanity is way overrated.”

AN AMAZON BESTSELLER in LGBT. A Lesbian, Action and Adventure, Love Story. Katie Brandt was like no woman Shay had ever met. She was brilliant, funny, gorgeous, exciting, sexy as hell and she made Shay’s blood boil. She made Shay feel things she’d never felt before.

Katie’s estranged husband described her as, “Not your run-of-the-mill genius, but universe-bending genius. Her mind works in mysterious ways. Ways we can’t fathom or comprehend.

Ways that are sometimes violent and dangerous—sometimes self-destructive. She borders on insanity.”

Katie Brandt was beautiful, determined and brilliant. She held a doctoral degree in electrical engineering and in computer science from MIT.

Shay often felt like she was spending time with two different women. Was David right? Did Katie play skip rope with that thin line between genius and madness?

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