A World of Demons

The Detective Amy Sadler Series, Book 4

By Michelle Arnold

As Amy and Lira work to complete their family, they find themselves targeted by someone with a mysterious grudge.

A body is discovered in the woods, tally marks carved into her skin…

Detective Amy Sadler has seen this before. Amy and her wife, forensic pathologist Lira Sadler, find themselves reliving their worst nightmares are more bodies turn up in imitation of cases they have already solved, cases that are particularly personal for them. At the same time, defaming articles appear about them online, and Lira begins finding strange notes.

All Amy and Lira want is to care for their small daughter, Ruby, and to bring a second child into the world, but all of that seems threatened by someone with a mysterious grudge.

It must be someone they know, but who could hate them this much?

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